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20 Most Promising Defense Technology Solution Providers – 2019

The rapid advancements in technology have changed the defense landscape. The onset of artificial intelligence, machine learning, and data analytics have become extremely important for defense organizations  as they have the potential to turn large amounts of data into actionable information. Decision makers should be able to make use of the data that is available, analyze, and share this information. Working with the various stakeholders in the industry, such as governmental organizations, academia, and several others will enable the defense sector to tap into new skill sets and embrace innovative ideas.

As data analytics and big data is revolutionizing every industry leaving no stone unturned, the shift from descriptive to predictive analysis has paved the way for better decision making capability. By unlocking insights from data, organizations can deter threats as well as eliminate them by notifying the risks   in prior. AI is becoming extremely crucial for defense, both    in planning and operations. Unmanned vehicles are gathering more and more intelligence, and mission systems have become more autonomous in air, ground, sea, and space.

As the future for defense sector looks deeply entwined with technology, it is imperative that organizations invest in the right provider that not just suit their specific needs but    also understand the dynamics of the tech world.  Keeping that in mind, CIOReview has charted out top players offering tailor-made and efficient defense technology solutions. The companies featured here provide robust solutions coupled with innovative strategies that can bolster national security efforts.

We present to you “20 Most Promising Defense Technology Solution Providers – 2019.”

Up until now, X-ray technology was the prime security screening methodology for interdicting the movement of illegal contraband such as narcotics, weapons, explosives, and even humans across ports and borders or into critical infrastructures. As governments focus on enforcing safety and security protocols within their jurisdictions, X-ray technology has maxed out its technical capabilities alongside its inability to keep pace  with   today’s  sophisticated   threats to global safety. Security and defense companies now seek new ways to combat the new, evolving threats posed by terrorists and smugglers across the globe. In response to this requirement, Decision Sciences International offers a revolutionary muon tomography methodology that enables operators to safely identify threats at port and borders, and around critical infrastructure while facilitating a legitimate flow of

Founded on the principles of global safety and security, the San Diego-based Decision Sciences offers a multi-mode passive detection system (MMPDS) technology, which is fully capable of passively detecting contraband anomalies within cargos. According to the president and CEO of Decision Sciences, Dwight Johnson, “The MMPDS is a passive contraband detection system that relies on naturally charged particles—muons and electrons—to provide an unparalleled penetration capability for operators to safely find materials shielded from X-ray.” Decision Sciences’ technology leverages muon tomography methodology to efficiently visualize the materials within  a cargo in 3-D as opposed to 2-D X-ray images. This enables the end users to focus on areas of interest and assess the contents of the cargo for various threats. Taking capabilities a notch higher, the MMPDS delivers the 3-D view of the cargo in color, allowing users to effectively distinguish different materials.

MMPDS’s ability to penetrate through a range of materials and provide actionable information coupled with cutting-edge visualization software remains a discriminator in the defense technology arena

Once honed in on the area of interest, the system operator can appropriately discriminate and classify a material upon inspection with information from manifests in case of port and borders, or the intelligence department of critical infrastructures. “Operating the MMPDS is very intuitive, and does not require experience. However, it is the potent combination of man and machine that provides a robust safety and security apparatus,” Johnson adds. The uniqueness of this technology spurs from the fact that it is void of health and safety adverse impact from ionizing radiation, and the clients  have the liberty for full deployment of the system without the need for an exclusion zone. Furthermore, MMPDS’s ability to penetrate through a range of materials and provide actionable information coupled  with cutting-edge visualization software remains a discriminator in the defense technology arena.

That’s not all; Decision Sciences’ system—void of moving parts—can operate using power from two household circuits, making it economical, and highly adaptable compared to an X-ray system. As MMPDS’ low power consumption makes it adaptable to remote locations, the system will also have greater availability and higher reliability, and the ability to troubleshoot problems within mere minutes. “We empower our clients with preventative maintenance and monitoring of our systems in remote locations to ensure optimal performance and reliability without the need for repairs,” explains Johnson. Decision Sciences begins its client onboarding process with a live demonstration of the systems and permits them to operate the same if they choose. The team at Decision Sciences meticulously gathers information regarding the clients’ requirements, and the threats they wish to detect before providing the cargo inspection solution to meet those needs.

Apart from its customizable solutions, Decision Sciences provides comprehensive training and support services for its clients to ensure they can unleash the full potential of the cargo inspection solution. The superiority of Decision Sciences’ offerings has been immensely beneficial in detecting and identifying attempted smuggling of narcotics—especially in instances where X-ray systems have failed to meet  the mark. Moving forward, Decision Sciences continues to capitalize on its success, and transform the realm of cargo inspection.