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outsmarting threats,
redefining "state of the art"
for cargo inspection.

Made possible through unmatched penetration capabilities and 3D visualizations.

Decision Sciences detecting contraband at border crossings.

Safer primary.
Smarter Inspection.
Increased Efficiency.

Delivered by our Multi-Mode Passive Detection System (MMPDS)

Decision Sciences defense security control.

Non-Intrusive Inspection that won’t leave your team guessing.

Industry applications for:
• Land Border Crossings • Maritime Ports
• Defense Checkpoints • Critical Infrastructure

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COVID-19 Update To all Decision Sciences Stakeholders

Due to the unprecedented impacts of the COVID-19 crisis on all aspects of our society, travel, and global business, Decision Sciences is taking all prudent measures to protect the health and viability of our company, our employees and their families while also ensuring that our customers and prospective customers around the globe receive the highest level of support and responsiveness. This new environment that we are all having to adjust to is certainly going to produce a lot of non-traditional challenges for us to achieve these objectives, but we are confident that together we will all overcome these challenges with non-traditional solutions. We are continuing to operate in full support of our customers and are engaged with prospective customers. We will all need to be a little creative and understanding while we learn how to best do this together while keeping our employees and loved ones safe in the challenging environment that we find ourselves thrust into together. As always, the safety and security of all Decision Sciences’ stakeholders is our priority.

Discovery - A Multi-Mode Passive Detection System (MMPDS)

  • 100% safe with no ionizing radiation
  • A totally passive system with no safety exclusion needed
  • Provides detection and material classification
  • 3D visualizations and image slicing
  • Low cost maintenance and no moving parts
  • Operationally available over 98% of the time
  • Can penetrate over 1,000 mm of steel and through liquids

X-ray / Gamma radiation

  • Produces harmful ionizing radiation
  • Requires safety exclusion zone
  • Limited material discrimination capability
  • Requires operators’ visual interpretation of 2D image
  • High cost maintenance and replacement parts
  • Operationally available less than 80% of the time
  • Unable to penetrate past 400 mm of steel or through liquids

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