Patrick SimmonsSenior Vice President, Government Relations


    Patrick Simmons is senior vice president of government relations for Decision Sciences. His career has encompassed the development and execution of programs focused on global security and safety.

    Prior to joining Decision Sciences, he lived in the United Arab Emirates where he served as a technology advisor to Abu Dhabi Customs, leveraging his expertise in non-intrusive inspection and radiation detection. Mr. Simmons previously worked for the U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) for 25 years where he held many roles, including director of their non-intrusive inspection and radiation detection office in Washington D.C. While in this role, Mr. Simmons oversaw CBP’s entire inventory of detection systems which included over 300 mid to large scale mobile and stationary systems. Mr. Simmons also managed the successful deployment of 1200 Radiation Portal Monitors at our Nation’s borders and critical infrastructure locations.

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