Maritime – The World’s Economy Moves Through Water

More than 8 billion tons of seaborne trade travels the globe, according to the Institute of Shipping Economics and Logistics. The world’s economy moves through water. The threat of potentially catastrophic acts of terrorism and state-sponsored sabotage continues to grow and the global transportation industry remains vulnerable to the threat of nuclear terrorism – an exposure identified by the United States 9/11 Commission and many others as a looming danger to tens of millions of lives, countless jobs and the integrity of the global economy.

Yet only a very small percentage of cargo containers are actually scanned for threats, and traditional scanning technology cannot effectively detect shielded threat materials and be safely used on or around people, plants, animals, food and other cargo. Terminal operators within maritime ports touch 90% of global trade – meaning disruptions to the cargo container supply chain can impact virtually every economy on the planet.

We uniquely facilitate the safe and secure flow of commerce and optimize the global supply chain. The MMPDS Gen3 for Maritime Cargo comes in several configurations to meet the needs of our clients and is commercially available today. Because of its flexible architecture, MMPDS Gen 3 enables customers to implement a concept of operations depending on the specific requirements of inspection. The Decision Sciences technical team tailors system configuration with customers to address customer-specific needs and requirements.

MMPDS Gen 3 for Maritime Cargo

This configuration features a canopy with solar panels.

This configuration features a canopy and ramp without solar panels.

This configuration features a tent canopy.

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