Muons in the Cathedral

By Elena Guardincerri, Santa Fe New Mexican August 28, 2017 For traditional Christian architecture, the dome of a Renaissance cathedral represents Heaven. There is poetic symmetry today in using [...]

Muon Vision for U.S. National Security

National Security Science December, 2016 Every year, more than 16 million vehicles and shipping containers enter the United States through its ports of entry. Suppose a nuclear bomb, a dirty [...]

Fixing Fukushima

Los Alamos’s muon vision to the rescue. National Security Science December, 2016 On the afternoon of March 11, 2011, a 9.0-magnitude earthquake occurred off Japan’s northeast coast. About 50 [...]

Monitoring Nuclear Weapons

The Nuke Detectives Clandestine weapons: New ways to detect covert nuclear weapons are being developed, which could help inspectors monitor Iran’s nuclear deal Original article from The [...]