Strategic Relationships

At Decision Sciences, we recognize the value in developing strategic relationships across industries and agencies to accelerate the development and deployment of critically-needed technology for safeguarding the security of ports, transportation hubs, population centers and global commerce.

The Company’s commitment to building relationships with leaders and experts with complementary capabilities enables us to meet market demand and will ultimately increase the security of the global community. Decision Sciences benefits from its relationship with a diverse group of successful scientists, business leaders, former senior government officials and entrepreneurs. Each brings unique and valuable knowledge from government relations to strategic business advice, from expertise in the defense and homeland security sectors to finance and construction. Our outstanding Advisory Board members are listed below.

Pasquale “Pat” D’Amuro – Advisory Board Chair

The Honorable Jayson P. Ahern – Advisor

Dr. Raphael “Raffi” Amit – Advisor

Dr. Stephen Flynn – Advisor

Gary D. Gilbert – Advisor

Joseph L. Patanella – Advisor

Lee R. Raymond – Advisor

Luke Ritter – Advisor

Dr. William Schneider, Jr. – Advisor

Dr. Michael Sulmeyer – Advisor

Frances F. Townsend – Advisor

David B. Waller – Advisor

Eric Womble – Advisor

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