Only a very small percentage of cargo containers are actually scanned for threats, and traditional scanning technology cannot effectively detect shielded threat materials and be safely used.


World air cargo traffic is expected to double in the next 20 years. Despite the flow of cargo in and out of countries around the world, very little air cargo is scanned for threats or contraband smuggling.

Border Crossings

The MMPDS for Border Crossings is a passive, safe, and effective automated scanning system for quickly detecting and locating contraband including weapons, alcohol, and more.

Nuclear Reactor/
Spent Fuel Cask

Decision Sciences has supported the restoration efforts of the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant site by providing multiple versions of its revolutionary muon tracking detectors.

About Decision Sciences

Safety & Security of the Global Community

Decision Sciences brings together cutting-edge science, hardware and software development, systems integration and manufacturing to improve the safety and security of the global community.

Contraband Detection with Safety in Mind

Decision Sciences’ Discovery has the ability to assist operators in finding contraband including weapons, alcohol, cigarettes/tobacco, drugs/narcotics, precious metals, smuggled humans and numerous other items of interest and anomalies.

Cargo Container X-Ray Scanning
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Recognition of Threats

  • "You graduate into a world…where new stateless actors have stepped into the breach with the desire to smuggle weapons of terror into American ports in the belly of cargo containers."

    Joe Biden Vice President of the United States, USCG Commencement Speech
  • A nuclear attack on the U.S. “is far more likely to arrive in a cargo container than on the tip of a missile.”

    Graham Allison Harvard’s John F. Kennedy School of Government
  • “…the dangers from nuclear weapons today are not theoretical. They are real – and they are grave. …but the likelihood of nuclear terrorism or a regional nuclear war is increasing every year.”

    William J. Perry Former U.S. Secretary of Defense, Excerpt from My Personal Journey at the Nuclear Brink
  • “A nuclear terrorist attack would cause unimaginable economic, social, and political chaos, and deaths 100 times greater than those on 9-11.”

    William J. Perry Former U.S. Secretary of Defense, Excerpt from My Personal Journey at the Nuclear Brink
  • “One nightmare scenario would be to have one or more dirty bombs put together 50 or 60 miles outside of a city and then brought into an urban area”.

    Peter T. King Congressman, U.S. Representative (R-NY), citing his fears that future terrorists would make a crude bomb from nuclear materials that would create massive radioactive contamination – The Boston Herald – April 19, 2015


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